Company website for Fresh Concentrate. A multicultural marketing design firm. All the figures appear in black and white but when rolled over, they would change their pose, fill with color and show what section they linked to. Copy, Concept, Design & Code by Ramon S. Gil.

Japan's NTT DoCoMo wanted to introduce new technology that allowed you to pay for things using your phone. We used a storybook concept to demonstrate all the different practical uses for the new technology. An illustrator was hired and the entire presentation was done in Flash. Concept & Design by Ramon S. Gil.

The client specialized in the fashion and beauty industry. Concept & Design by Ramon S. Gil.

The Eagle Academy Foundation's mission was to raise funds for a chain of charter schools for urban youth. The blocks on the home page would show different images and serve as links to the different sections. Concept, Design and Code by Ramon S. Gil.

We wanted to leverage the great personalities and relationships of the two principals by featuring them front and center for their company's website. Copy, Design & Code by Ramon S. Gil.

The previous website for this recruiting company was dry and very text heavy. We tried to simplify that. Copy & Design by Ramon S. Gil.